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Time changes everything, even you and I've changed

Sherene Ng is the name.
several fact that you have to know.
every 19th september is my big day.
insane ; emo and im a straight forward person.

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Title : kangtao everywhere
Date : Monday, April 27, 2015
Time : 10:48 PM
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With Love,

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Title : one hundreds and seventy-six! ♥
Date : Friday, May 11, 2012
Time : 1:01 AM
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With Love,

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Title : one hundred and seventy-five! ♥
Date : Thursday, January 5, 2012
Time : 9:22 PM
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nah. ignore the craps..
:D hahahahahahas
Happy new year everybody!!! 
 Happy Birthday to my xiao piggy..  XD hahaa
I'm so full after having TAO buffet at auto city..
and thanks to my dear frens spending their time one day trip with me at butterworth
go chai leng park for yam rice,
shopping @ sunway carnival mall

and count down at Auto City.

awesome and tiring day.
since i lazy to story so just let u guys see the pictures la harrrr. hehee

and Sherene officially declares BANKRUPT! :X

With Love,

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Title : one hundred and seventy-four! ♥
Date : Sunday, December 25, 2011
Time : 10:00 PM
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Jingle bell Jingle bell.
Merry Xmas everyone. :D
although last christmas eve was so so .. PERFECT :X 
and quite embarrassing, but it was the BEST in my life!
and this year, i spend my christmas with my boyf, and my ji mui.

sorry i dont dressed up into some christmas hat
seriously it looks so funny with it.. ahaa..
actually this christmas is kinda boring compared to previous year
and boyf come over and fetch me go kaikai.. :P
bring me go jiak holiao at Azuma.

gahhh~ my favourite!!
Softshell crab set

and softshell crab salad 
*double thumb up!!!!!

too bad,
we did not manage to watch movie in queens after having my lunch
there are tons of ppl queuing for the tickets.. :(
after that Joe come over n fetch us to paradise for countdown.
sorry, the photographer skill are not good and with a very very good camera.
so the result of the picture become like this


i dont knw why and how she snap the pictures because all the photos snap by her are blur

after that they keep telling ghost story in the car on the way back
till one of them are afraid to took the evaluator back his own apartment :D

and thats all for today! 
ohh, one more things to show you guys..
my handmade piggy. XD

:X hope he dint see it.

HAPPY Anniversary to my Beloved.

With Love,

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Title : one hundred and seventy-three! ♥
Date : Friday, December 16, 2011
Time : 7:33 PM
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im back again.. :D
actually nothing much to blog
ohyeahhhhh~ Y(-.-)
buhbye Kampar!

With Love,

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Title : one hundred and seventy-two! ♥
Date : Sunday, November 20, 2011
Time : 7:24 PM
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6th November!! 
cant believe that im officially graduate and end my diploma life
2 and a half years just ended in a glimpse of eyes,
i just feel like i just went to college in last few month.
byebye TARC, byebye my friends, :(
this is my very first convocation, shud i be happy or sad?

thanks to those who attend my convo and the flowers.
thankiew papa mama, korkor, biebie and uncle aunty (bie parents)

With Love,

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